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Cultural HERITAGE Management & impact Assessment

In most African countries cultural heritage impact assessment is a legal requirement before any infrastructural development can take place, whether mining, irrigation, or construction. African Heritage can conduct this assessment in Malawi or elsewhere at a very competitive rate. Assessment comprises archaeology, historical buildings, sacred sites and other aspects of heritage. African Heritage is Malawi's only registered company in this field. It can conduct assessments and implement mitigation measures such as rescue archaeology.

The legal basis for heritage impact assessment in Malawi is the Monuments & Relics Act. African Heritage collaborates with the Malawi Department of Antiquities in these projects.

Services offered include:

  • UNESCO World Heritage nominations

  • UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage nominations

  • Heritage Impact Assessment

  • Rescue/salvage archaeology

  • Restoration of historical buildings

  • Immovable heritage conservation projects

  • Intangible cultural heritage safeguarding projects


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